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lotusAt Happy Buddha, we believe in reflexology benefits. Although the foot reflexology treatment feels like a massage, it is not a massage. Massage follows the direction of the muscles and muscle tissues, and relieves the tension by rubbing it in the same direction as the muscle tissue.

Reflexology goes back 5,000 years in China, where the early Taoists were using it as a means of improving health. It is a system developed from Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Qi Meridian System. Traditional Chinese Medicine uses acupuncture to rebalance the Qi in a body. The Meridian System is like an electrical circuit. It is like resetting a broken fuse in an electrical circuit. Once the electrical circuit is complete with no blockages, the electrical current (or the Qi) can flow properly. Once Qi can flow properly, the body is able to do what it's designed to do, including healing and rebalancing.

From these studies, the early Taoists were able to develop an alternative form of acupuncture, where they can stimulate the acupuncture points by applying pressure instead of using needles. Doing so as in acupuncture, they are able to stimulate the connected organs by following the Meridian System where the life energy Qi travels. Every organ in the body is represented in a reflexive zone on the bottom of your feet. Stimulating a zone with a needle is just like stimulating the zone with acupressure. This rubbing, pushing, and holding action is what makes people think they are having a massage, but it's actually quite different. Specialists trained in this system can accurately pinpoint the blockages of Qi, and know how to "unblock" with the rub, push, and hold actions. This type of action stimulates the reflex points, which are the acupuncture / acupressure points in the body, and allows the body to heal itself after the treatment.

Reflexology follows the energy Qi in the Meridian System, and our licensed massage therapists are trained in detecting the Qi blockages, therefore having licensed massage therapists doing the reflexology treatments are completely different than simple massages by untrained staff. Knowing exactly where the acupressure points are is the major difference between healing symptoms and creating more problems.

At Happy Buddha, all of our therapists are California licensed massage therapists. This is our commitment to bring you the best quality reflexology treatments and our commitment to excellence. Rest assured, you are in good hands.




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