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Diagrams in Foot Reflexology


The earliest form of reflexology originated 5000 years ago in China. The early Taoists are credited with originating many Chinese health practises, including discovering Qi (also spelled as Chi), the life force, and the meridian lines and the acupuncture points. The exact dates and documentation are still currently missing, awaiting discovery. The early Taoists were health practitioners, searching for ways to improve health and longevity of people. In researching, Taoist practitioners were using fingers to rub, push, and hold on these acupuncture points, to stimulate the corresponding organs in the body. These acupuncture points became the reflex points for reflexology, and the pressure techniques known as acupressure. This form of reflexology is passed down the generations because of its health benefits, where we know it today as reflexology.

The early Taoists believe the great Creator embedded a "chart of the whole body" on the bottoms of your feet. Like an engineering drawing, it's a miniature rescaled drawing of the body, where each zone or area of the foot corresponds to an organ, like the heart and the brain. By directly manipulating these zones, they are rebalancing the Qi and thereby giving relief to the body organs and relieving the aches and pains.

Having 15 minutes of reflexology massage on the bottom of the feet is equivalent to a stimulating 15Km hike. Having regular consistent foot reflexology massage provides excellent health benefits.




Thoracic cavity

right arrow

AbdominAbdominal cavity

right arrow

Pelvic cavity

right arrow
Right Foot
1. Head (Brain)
2. Frontal Sinuses
3. Cerebellum
4. Pituitary Gland
5. Temporal Area
6. Nose (Nerve)
7. Neck (Muscle)
8. Eyes (Never)
9. Ears (Nerve)
10. Shoulder Joint
11. Trapezoid
12. thyroid Gland
13. Parathyroid Gland
14. the Lungs and Bronchi
15. Stomach
16. Duodenum
17. Pancreas
18. The Liver
Left Foot
19. The Gall Bladder
20. Solar Plexus
21. Adrenal Glands
22. The Kidneys
23. Ureters
24. The Urinary Bladder
25. The Small Intestines
26. Cecum & vermiform Appendix
27. Ileocecal Valve
28. Ascending Colon
29. Transverse Colon
30. Descending Colon
31. Rectum
32. Anus
33. The Heart
34. The Spleen
35. Knee Joint
36. Gonads
(M: The Testes; F: The Ovaries)




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